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April 3, 2012

Silver investment – A prospective way to come out of your debt problems

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Although gold is frequently considered as the only expensive metal that can serve the function of money, silver too is gaining significance in the investment market. The commercial use of silver is increasing and with this, the value of silver is climbing fast too and even quicker than the cost of gold. Thus, if you’re in debt and looking for debtreduction services, you can utilize the cash from your investment to repay your debts. Between Jan 4, 2010 and June 30, 2011, silver made an immense rise above gold in the market. Gold lifted its cost by 34 percent, whereas silver went up in excess of 100 percent, setting an unmatched sellable value via silver investing. Pure silver investments are conducted through the acquisition of .999 pure silver coins or rounds.

The coins are one of the safest means to conduct an investment in the silver market. These rounds or coins are recognized as the most liquid and least expensive way to retain your silver to hand and if the need occurs, a good type of deal or exchange material. The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 included the costly metal objects to hold eligibility for addition in the IRA, producing a richer, steadier portfolio via silver investing for the proprietor. Silver has a history of its own. In 14 diverse languages, the words for “silver” and “money” are identical. People have employed silver for trade over gold. Even though gold used in coins were closed in production, silver retains its position as a strong metal worth in the trade market. The silver rounds are a means to invest in a sound, well-built financial future.

Silver – An investment option

Under the existing scenario, a lot of investors are looking for safe investment options. Gold is probably the most accepted safe shelter in disturbed markets, although its authentic use as a metal is comparatively low. There has been much guesswork over whether or not the metal is overrated, frightening a lot of investors out of gold and into a different valuable metal, silver. Silver has turned out to be an increasingly well-liked safe shelter option as it’s available with an economical price mark and a list of realistic uses in comparison to the other precious metal, gold. However, gold’s chief attraction has been its excessive profits over the last few years, generating handsome returns for numerous investors. Whereas the SPDR Gold ETF earned 23.99% and 29.27% in the year 2009 and 2010, the SLV or iShares Silver Trust made a profit of 47.29% and 82.14%, overshadowing the wonderful performance from gold.

Even though silver has created some startling figures, 2011 witnessed a steep fall in the price of the metal. With the costly metal at its cheapest price, and global instability likely to continue, purchasing into silver at such economical costs seems quite alluring. If you’re seeking the maximum return on a safe investment, you might opt for silver. Silver remains the finest and most sensible investment opening out there. As the terrors of inflation are slowly sweeping out of the global financial system, the silver market is clearly building on the new highs.

Gold, Nonferrous Metal, Silver, Tin

January 9, 2012

Gold, Silver Buying Service Newest Voluntary Benefit

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Since 2008, Mass Metal in Lawrence, Kan., has helped individuals buy, hold and sell gold and silver through its online service, SilverSaver. Now the company is offering SilverSaver as a voluntary benefit program.

Josh McCleary, Mass Metal’s chief operating officer, says that the SilverSaver benefit program is the only service that enables participants to automatically save in precious metals through the convenience and safety of payroll deduction. It was developed in response to customer demand for an easier way to buy silver and gold as a hedge against what they see as loose money policies by central banks.

It took a year to build the back-end system to support the voluntary benefit program, which was launched earlier this summer. Todd Fletcher, the company’s voluntary benefit specialist, reports that several employers have contracted for the service, though none have gone live with it yet.

“Employers are extremely excited about being able help their employees do something that typically upper management has been able to do for itself,” Fletcher says. “They can take this down to hourly employees.”

For sponsors, there is no cost to offer the benefit program and little administration required, says McCleary. Employers complete a simple online signup process, and employees use a single form to choose how much physical silver or gold to save. The metal is housed in a secure facility, or employees can arrange to have it shipped to them. Employees pay transaction fees on purchases, though the cost is less than Mass Metals charges individual clients.

To address employer concerns about fiduciary liability associated with the purchasing service, Fletcher says that the forms that employees sign include disclaimers releasing the sponsor from any responsibility.

“Employees must understand that all markets have volatility, and they should understand that if they are saving in gold and silver, they should be looking at a minimum of a three-to-five-year period,” he comments. However, he also notes that if SilverSaver account holders have a financial emergency, they can sell their metal back to the company at no extra charge. “It works like regular savings account at this point,” he says.

“Our goal has always been to get physical precious metals into the hands of everyone,” says Jeremy Brakenhoff, president and CEO of Mass Metal. “Creating the ability for companies to offer SilverSaver through payroll deduction makes accomplishing it that much easier.”

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