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May 22, 2012

Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan “Bottoms Up?”

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In this interview with Ellis Martin, David Morgan (The Silver Guru) shares his opinion as to whether or not the bottom has come and gone in the precious metals market, whether it be the price of the physical commodities or junior mining stocks. Is it time to jump back in?

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May 7, 2012

Gold: a problem of perception

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US BondsA friend of mine, who was struggling with the idea of buying gold, lamented that gold only had any value if someone else perceived it to. Yes that’s true. As it is for everything, whether you’re talking about a share of Apple stock or a 1977 Chevy Malibu.

But perception is of particular concern for gold. To understand why the dollar price of gold languishes from time to time, you really have to step back and take a look at the larger picture. Understand that we now live in a world where almost every trader and investor today has lived their entire adult lives in a global system of fiat money. That almost every living person who has a degree in economics, finance, or business, has spent years having the false ideas of Keynesian promises drilled into their collective consciousness. That generations of the public have been told – and believe – that central banks notes are the ultimate arbiter of value for everything. /> /> Combine this overwhelming consensus with the emotional need for humans to have approval from the herd, and you are left with an incredibly powerful system of perception. One which will not change easily.

However, the reality is simply this: you cannot continue to accumulate debt forever. Eventually something must give way. Our public leaders are not only unprepared to deal with this, but most will not even acknowledge it as a possibility.

Take Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. In his recent Bloomberg debate with Ron Paul (see video below), he was asked, with the current debt to GDP number around 100%, how much more debt would he be willing to incur in order to stimulate the economy?  His answer was that he would be comfortable with an immediate increase in debt to GDP to 130%.

But how can this go on ad infinitum? Can an individual live beyond his means forever by accumulating credit card debt or is there eventually a day of reckoning?  How is it any different for a government? Yes there is the additional wrinkle that they can print new money to pay for things, but there are limits to that as well. Then what?

Krugman and his Keynesian ilk would have you believe that we will grow into our debt. Jump start the economy with some additional debt and soon enough additional tax revenues will be flowing in to cover it. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. If that were the case, how did we get to 100% debt to GDP in the first place? How do we have any debt at all? By any metric you care to look at, the total debt of the United States continues to grow beyond its ability to pay for it.

Yes the current perception will not change easily. There are simply too many who profit from it to let it go without a fight. The role of economics in modern society is not to spread understanding and offer solutions, but rather to obfuscate truth. The role of economic policy in politics is to convince the majority to support programs that are contrary to their own self interest.

The harsh lesson of life is that you are on your own and always have been. You simply cannot blindly follow those who are presented as experts. You must become your own expert. You must ask the tough questions and put emotion aside as you analyze the answers – remembering that the truth is often not what you want to hear.

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Why is gold getting hammered?

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“Why is gold getting hammered? “the caller asked.  I could hear dejection in his voice.

“Gold’s not getting hammered,” I said.  “The euro’s getting hammered, and right now, just as I’ve warned on my Weekly Metals Wrap interviews with Eric King at King World News, for a while to come gold will trade against the dollar.

“When the dollar’s up, gold is down, and vice versa.  In time, gold will rise against all major fiat currency debacles, but right now there are still huge numbers of money managers who see the dollar as a refuge from the euro.   For gold to rise when there are eurozone problems, more money managers will have to come to recognize gold as the real refuge, not another fiat currency.”

As to when this will happen, no one knows, but it is inevitable.

Actually, such action in gold is – to me – proof that gold is still in the early stages of this bull market.  Yes, gold is now in the 11th year of this run, but it’s still the early stages.

In the first leg of a bull market, prices rise will little to no attention.  That was 2001 to somewhere between 2009 and now.  In the second leg, prices rise with much publicity and attention, but average investors remain on the sidelines, as  does Wall Street.  In the final and third leg, everyone piles in.

Before this bull market can end, Wall Street has to become a gold bull, but primarily recommending gold shares because that’s where they make their commissions and because they don’t sell gold coins (at least not right now).  Finally, the man on the street buys, as in the 2000 boom and the housing boom.

As for today’s action, bad news out of Europe where unemployment surged to 10.9%.  This was quickly compared to the official US unemployment rate of 8.2%, which is not only lower than the eurozone rate but is in decline as the unemployed who quit looking for jobs are no longer counted, therefore posting declining official unemployment numbers in the US.

On Europe’s bad unemployment news,  European bank shares took hits, and money managers switched from euros to dollars.  And, judging by gold’s decline, too few euros went into gold to offset the knee-jerk move of moving from euros to dollars.  This, of course, set the speculators to selling gold as the dollar climbed.

Unfortunately, gold investors are going to have to learn to deal with this, and they have to remember that the real reason for buying gold (and silver) is as a hedge against dollar debasement.  Fortunately for the dollar, it remains the world’s primary reserve currency.  The euro is secondary.  Worse for the euro, there lies in the back of the minds of many people the fear that the euro may not survive the eurozone’s problems.  In which case, the dollar looks really good, until you start looking at the financial state of affairs for the US.

For a look at the sad state of financial affairs in the United States—at only the federal level— watch United States Budget Dilemma, a five minute video.

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May 3, 2012

$46 silver on its way?

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46-dollar-silverLet me start by saying that I am not a technical analyst. Consider the following to be for learning or entertainment purposes only.

If you take a look at the silver chart from last October, there appears to be a classic reverse head and shoulders pattern forming with a neckline in the $36-37 area. This is considered to be a very bullish formation. The difference between the head and the neckline is about $10, which is indicative of the size of the breakout once the second shoulder has been completed. If the formation plays out, it would mean somewhere around $46 silver in the mid to late summer time frame. /> /> Is classic technical analysis relevant in today’s silver market? Can a reverse head and shoulders pattern overcome the summer doldrums? Stay tuned and find out…

Long term, the fundamentals look stronger every day with central banks around the world continuing to grow their balance sheets (the real QE) and bankrupt governments foolishly pursuing their panacea of endless debt.

silver reverse head and shoulders

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May 1, 2012

David Morgan of to attend the upcoming MoneyShow in Las Vegas with Liberty Coin & Precious Metals!

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Dear Liberty Lovers,

David Morgan of to attend the upcoming MoneyShow in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace this coming May 14th-17th. with Liberty Coin & Precious Metals!

Liberty Coin & Precious Metals is pleased to announce that they will be hosting David Morgan of the for an exclusive lecture titled, “Silver, the single greatest investment of the last 100 years” at the upcoming Money Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. single greatest investment of the decade!Sincerely, 

Get the knowledge that you need to make the

The most unnoticed investment opportunity of the decade is about to be revealed for the audience attending the upcoming MoneyShow at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV this coming May 14th-17th. Liberty Coin & Precious Metals will be hosting David Morgan for a lecture titled, “Silver, the single greatest investment of the last 100 hundred years”. This is a great time to listen to all the reasons why you need to buy silver before it has its next bullish move upwards.

Seduced by silver at the tender age of 11, David Morgan started investing in the stock market while still a teenager. A precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering, he created the website and originated The Morgan Report, a monthly that covers economic news, overall financial health of the global economy, currency problems ahead and reasons for investing in precious metals.

David considers himself a big-picture macroeconomist whose main job as education-educating people about honest money and the benefits of a sound financial system-and his second job as teaching people to be patient and have conviction in their investment holdings. A dynamic, much-in-demand speaker all over the globe, David’s educational mission also makes him a prolific author having penned “Get the Skinny on Silver Investing” available as an e-book or through As publisher of The Morgan Report, he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, and BNN in Canada. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, The Gold Report and numerous other publications.

Additionally, he provides the public a tremendous amount of information by radio and writes often in the public domain. You are encouraged to sign up for his free publication which starts you off with the Ten Rules of Silver Investing where he was published almost a decade ago after being recognized as one of the top authorities in the arena of Silver Investing.

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Liberty Coin & Precious Metals 

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April 30, 2012

Getting Your Gold Out of Dodge

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I was asked if there were any good books about gold confiscation and do I have any recommendations. As it turns out I do. The guys over at Dollar Vigilante have a put out “Get Your Gold Out Of Dodge” – A complete resource on Internationalizing Your Precious Metals.  ~David Morgan

“Today we have a sinking currency, a ballooning national deficit and a revenue-hungry IRS accosting taxpayers, suing foreign banks and harassing foreign governments for allegedly owed taxes. I wouldn’t put it past President Obama to justify confiscating gold as a means of stabilizing the country’s monetary system. My advice is simple: Plan and act accordingly.” /> – Bob Bauman, The Sovereign Investor

Even if you don’t believe gold confiscation or heavy taxation is in the works, it still makes sense to get a sizable percentage of your precious metals outside of, and sheltered from, the control of your own government. Anything can and will happen in the coming years, as the fiat monetary system collapses and you definitely do not want to get caught without options.Here is an Interview with Vin Maru, Head Researcher for “Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge”…

I was able to secure my followers a discount of 15%. Just use the Coupon Code: DMSDAP12.  To claim your discount,  you just need to put the code in the coupon field during checkout.

To learn more or order your copy of “Get Your Gold Out Of Dodge” just follow this link.

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The Money GPS: Guiding You Through An Uncertain Economy

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The Money GPS: Guiding You Through An Uncertain Economy With a solid foundation and minimal maintenance, anyone can understand exactly what’s truly going on in the world. There is a definite game plan where you stick to the principles, apply the formula, and achieve wealth, regardless of the economic conditions.

Author David Quintieri’s book, The Money GPS, takes the complexity of the financial system and transforms it into simplicity. The frequent use of diagrams and charts allows the reader to learn visually, making a complex subject easy for anyone to learn.

The clock is ticking in this world of paper money. Unpayable debts are piling up all over the world and are attempted to be resolved by adding even more debt. This system will collapse, creating the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world: from those who hold paper, to those holding real assets.

The Money GPS empowers and prepares the reader in these uncertain times.

The Money GPS by David Quintieri /> Available on Amazon

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April 27, 2012

David Morgan UNCUT Lecture at the Texas Precious Metals Conference

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Silver expert David Morgan presents his case for the diminishing worldwide silver supply which cannot possibly meet the growing industrial demand for silver. This talk was presented on March 16th, 2011 in Plano, Texas, and was sponsored by Texas Precious Metals.

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April 20, 2012

QE, or not QE, that is the question

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George SorosThere’s so much confusion in the short term markets regarding QE and its ilk, that it’s easy to get whipsawed into oblivion – or at least complete frustration. You must maintain a steady fix on the big picture. Regardless of what the mainstream media experts would have you believe, none of the problems of the last four or forty years have been solved. In fact all of them are now worse.

We live in a period of unprecedented global debt. As Margaret Thatcher famously observed: the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. Well here we are. We are now officially out of money and only artificially low interest rates are allowing the music to continue. But where to from here? QE or not QE?

Every market and every trade now hinges on attempts to read the tea leaves left behind by the Federal Reserve and its central banking brethren. Market forces, fundamentals, earnings, etc. are all irrelevant in a centrally planned global economy. The only question that remains: what is the future value of government money?

There are several ways to attempt to answer this question. We can look at history for examples, we can study human nature, or we can listen closely to what George Soros says about the Euro.

The following 19 minute clip reveals much about the future of money printing in Europe, and by extension, the rest of the world.


But first he breaks out Paulson’s bazooka and warns that a failure to save the Euro would lead to an end of the common market and the European Union itself, leaving the continent in a potential state of warring nations. This must be avoided at all costs.

“You first somehow have to get back to normal. In other words you have to invent some nonexistent device that will get us back to… closer to the Maastricht criteria. And that’s normally what central banks are supposed to do… to preserve the system. And in a crisis they sometimes do things they’ve never done before… and I think that that is the only way.”

Preserve the system, the system being one in which the central banks control all of the debt and all of the money creation. They have the power to save themselves and they will use it regardless the cost to everyone else. If that’s not clear enough an answer about the future of QE, then this should clear it up:

“A sovereign that can print the money can’t default. It will never default”

The real challenge the central banks face isn’t what to do, but how to do it such a way that the public will accept a “solution” that the public pays for via a reduced standard of living. In other words, it must me marketed with a sufficient level of obfuscation that plain old QE no longer provides.

Soros puts on his thinking cap and comes up with a potential (temporary) solution. How about creating a holding company to run a fund that purchases some of the debt using the ECB’s seignorage rights? The average Joe might have figured out QE, but good luck sorting through that one.

When asked whether his proposal complied with the letter and spirit of the law which prohibits the ECB from purchasing government bonds (monetizing the debt). He explained that there is no problem as the holding company is not the ECB but rather the ECB shareholders. Got that? Good.

And as a final word of warning, Soros breaks out the old central banking chestnut of “driving Europe into this deflationary debt trap.”  But remember that deflation to a banker has a very specific meaning – the writing off of unpayable debt at the expense of the bank’s bondholders.  In other words, deflation is nothing more than the free market ridding itself of failed banking institutions. Once you understand this basic fact, it’s easy to grasp the implications of Soros’ observation that, a sovereign – or more accurately, a central bank – that can print it’s own money, can’t default.

It’s QE to infinity as Jim Sinclair says.


April 3, 2012

Silver’s Shining Stars

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David Morgan, founder of, breaks down the best and worst silver miners in the first quarter.

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